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SHD braider machine

SHD Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one of the tope two largest braiding machine manufacturers in China. We have two factories, one is in Shanghai city and the other in Dongtai city of Jiangsu Province which is 180Km away from Shanghai.

Since 2005, We have been developing and producing powder metallurgy, metal part fabrication, plastic injection, and so on.and supplying all mechanical and plastic parts to braiding machine manufacturers and others such as textile and car industries.

In 2014, we started assembling braiding machines, and successfully delivered machines to30 domestic cities, and expand t South Korea, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Brazil, Russia, the United states and etc.

Comparing to other manufacturers worldwide, our advantages are as below:

1;except of electronics, we produce each and every metal and plastic part, which enable us to guarantee stable quality and reduce cost, and make our machines the most competitive in the world. and, We have big production capacity and keep inventory so that we can deliver machines and parts in short time.

2; We are able to offer the most competitive price not only for braiding machines but for  spare and wearing parts also, so that we can support our customers not only in the their initial investment but their maintenance in the future, to make our customers more competitive too.

3; We established service center in Bulgaria, Egypt, Iran, UAE, India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia,Korea and will have more service center in the world.

We hope to establish long-term cooperation and friendship with our customers, to have good business together